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Subject: Environment

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  • UK Natural Capital – Freshwater Ecosystem Assets and Services Accounts 20-Mar-2015
    Monetary estimates of the UK natural capital. Natural capital includes all natural resources including ecosystem assets and the services that they provide.
  • UK Natural Capital – Land Cover in the UK 17-Mar-2015
    The development of Land Cover ecosystem accounts for the UK, based on data from the Countryside Survey which show that land cover changed significantly in the UK between 1998 and 2007.
  • Urban Audit - Comparing United Kingdom and European towns and cities, 2010–12 23-Jul-2014
    Overview of key variables from Urban Audit linked to urban policy themes that are relevant to EU, national and local government.
  • Urban Audit - Perceptions of City Life in the United Kingdom and Europe, 2012 23-Jul-2014
    Using Urban Audit data for cities to assess how typical or otherwise perceptions in UK cities are compared with other European cities.
  • Sustainable Development Indicators, July 2014 10-Jul-2014
    An overview of progress toward a sustainable economy, society and environment. Published alongside the headline and supplementary indicators are assessments of change, both short and long term.
  • UK Environmental Accounts, 2014 02-Jul-2014
    Environmental accounts show how the environment contributes to the economy, the impacts that the economy has on the environment, and how society responds to environmental issues. They include natural capital accounts (oil and gas), physical accounts (fuel use, energy consumption, atmospheric emissions, material flows, and water), and monetary accounts (environmental taxes and environmental protection expenditure). For 2014, experimental natural capital accounts (land use and forestry) are also included. Environmental accounts are ‘satellite accounts’ to the main National Accounts and they are compiled in accordance with the System of Environmental Economic Accounting (SEEA), which closely follows the UN System of National Accounts (SNA). This means that they are comparable with economic indicators such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

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