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Subject: Justice

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  • 04. Police Force Area Data Tables - Crime in England and Wales, Year Ending June 2013 (Excel sheet 153Kb) 17-Oct-2013
    The data contained in these tables show the number of police recorded crimes, including percentage change from the previous year and rate per 1,000 population by offence group and police force area.
  • 8. CSEW Perception Measure Tables - Crime in England and Wales, Year Ending December 2012 (Excel sheet 65Kb) 25-Apr-2013
    Contains CSEW data on worry about crime and confidence in the police and the Criminal Justice System. The data contained in these tables comes from the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW), and accompany the release 'Crime in England and Wales, year ending December 2012' published by the Office for National Statistics on 25th April 2013. This workbook contains two tables, table PM1 Worry about crime and table PM2 Confidence in the police and CJS. The worry about crime indicator on the CSEW has three components: worry about burglary, car crime and violent crime. Confidence in the Police and CJS is taken from a new set of questions relating to levels of confidence in the police and to the fairness and effectiveness of the criminal justice system (CJS) which were added to the CSEW in October 2007, asking respondents to what extent they agree or disagree with a set of statements.
  • Annual Abstract Quarter 4 2011 (Excel sheet 483Kb) 31-Jan-2012
    Contains statistics on the UK's economy, industry, society and demography presented in easy to read tables and backed up with explanatory notes and definitions. It covers Crime and Justice.
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