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Subject: Migration

Key Publications

Statistical bulletin: Migration Statistics Quarterly Report, August 2015 27-Aug-2015
Provisional long-term International migration data. A coordinated release between the ONS, Home Office and DWP.
Report: Population by Country of Birth and Nationality Report, August 2015 27-Aug-2015
This report outlines the latest population estimates for the UK by country of birth and nationality, for the year ending December 2014.
Article: Economic and Social Characteristics of the Resident Population of England and Wales by Nationality and Country of Birth in 2011 12-Jul-2013
This story analyses the characteristics of foreign passport-holders and those residents of England and Wales who were born abroad using 2011 Census data; this includes economic activity, occupation and industry, qualifications, English language proficiency, housing tenure and health.
Report: Why Did Emigrants Previously Arrive to Live in the UK? November 2013 28-Nov-2013
Some people migrate to the UK, spend a year or more living as a UK resident and then emigrate from the UK. This short story examines emigration data for the reasons why people have previously migrated to the UK.
Statistical bulletin: Short-Term International Migration Annual Report – Year Ending Mid-2013 Estimates 21-May-2015
Estimates of Short-Term International Migration to and from the UK for England and Wales, by reason for migration, age, sex and citizenship.

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Latest Publications

Key Data

Reference table: Local Area Migration Indicators (Excel sheet 5669Kb) 29-Aug-2013
This is an interactive product bringing together different migration related data sources to allow users to compare indicators of migration at local authority level. The suite includes data on long-term international and internal migration flows used to calculate population turnover rates, short-term international migration inflows, non-UK born population, non-British population, migrant National Insurance Number (NINo) allocations and migrant GP registrations. The latest data available is for 2012.

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