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Topic: National Income, Expenditure and Output

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  • Annex A Gross Value Added Components, Q1 (Jan to Mar) 2015, Month 2 (Excel sheet 37Kb) 28-May-2015
    The quarterly and annual movements of growth and contributions to growth of output components of GVA
  • Index of Services, March 2015 28-May-2015
    Time series dataset for the Index of Services March 2015 release.
  • Index of Services - Publication Tables, March 2015 (Excel sheet 901Kb) 28-May-2015
    Monthly and annual movements in gross value added for the services industries by industry sector, which overall account for around 78% of UK Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
  • Index of Services - Revision Triangles, March 2015 (ZIP 832Kb) 28-May-2015
    Revision Triangles comparing the estimates produced at first publication against the estimates published 12 months later.
  • Revisions to gross fixed capital formation and business investment (Excel sheet 47Kb) 28-May-2015
    Summary of revisions to levels and growth rates of gross fixed capital formation and business investment, by quarter, chained volume measures, seasonally adjusted.
  • Time Series Data: Business investment by industry and asset 28-May-2015
    These estimates have been improved over the the ad hoc series published after Blue Book 2013. The improvements have meant that the series which were suppressed in the ad hoc release have now been reinstated. However, there are still differences between the business investment CVM SA estimates in this dataset and the official estimates published in the Business Investment release. These differences are due to the different seasonal adjustment approaches. In this dataset, industry-level series are seasonally adjusted and aggregated. In the Business Investment release, the asset-level series are seasonally adjusted and aggregated. This can give different results for the aggregated series. The estimates in the release should be considered the official statistics. Please note that not all series will sum to totals due to rounding. These differences are well within the uncertainty of the estimates. Note: The estimates of business investment by industry are only updated with the revised (month 3) Business Investment Statistical Release. This time series dataset is therefore consistent with the estimates published in the Q4 2014 revised Business Investment release, and has not been updated with the Q1 2015 provisional release. The breakdowns will next be updated in line with the revised Q1 2015 results. The updated time series dataset will be released on Tuesday 30th June 2015.
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